Zindzi Mandela Reportedly Tested Positive for COVID-19, Son Says

Zindziswa Mandela’s son, Zondwa, says his mother tested positive for Covid-19 at the time of her death.

Zondwa revealed this during a chat with the folks at SABC on Wednesday night, during which the 35-year-old added that it was not yet clear what her cause of death was as they were still awaiting the results of her post mortem.

“There were other tests that were conducted and my mother did in fact test positive for Covid-19 on the day of her passing,” he said, per News24. “Although this doesn’t therefore mean that she died of Covid-related complications but simply that she tested positive for it.”

“Several other tests have been done and those tests will give us further information as to what could have led to her untimely death,” he continued.

He went on to add that his mother would be buried on Friday morning, and noted that the family has chosen to bury her on Friday and not on Saturday as the 18 July would be her father Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

Zondwa described his mother as a fighter, someone who remained true to herself. “Very importantly, she was an amazing mother who ensured that we were given the strength to live according to our own purpose and journey.

“For someone who came from such a strong family, she knew that she needed to impart our own identity within in so that we could actually lead and carry on our own legacies.”

He continued, “She was a person that connected the family to its cultural roots, she was a person who loved, she had a great amount of friends and we want to continue to celebrate that happy side and amazing side of her. She remained true to herself, was free to speak her mind regardless of the occasion.”

Zindziswa, South Africa’s ambassador to Denmark since 2015, died in the early hours of Monday in a Johannesburg hospital. She was 59.

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