Zaya Wade Photographs Step Mother, Gabrielle Union for Self Magazine Interview

Zaya Wade is living her dream as a budding photographer. The 13-year-old was the official photographer for step-mum, Gabrielle Union’s Self Magazine interview.

The magazine revealed that they had asked Zaya if she would be interested in capturing Gabrielle in the frame, an offer which she enthusiastically replied ‘Yes’ to.

June cover star, Gabrielle, touched on everything from parenting black children in America, her transgender step-daughter, Zaya, advocating for causes such as racial equality, etc.

While in conversation with the editor-in-chief for Self Magazine, Carolyn Klyster, the actress noted she hated the phrase ‘A seat at the table’ as it denotes that control lies with a certain group who gets to decide who is invited to the table.

Gabrielle Union said,

“It’s easy to put activist and advocate in my bio but it’s a lot harder to live that day in, day and day out.

” And I just got to a point where I realised that every time I didn’t speak, I felt like my soul was eroding, like my very being was eroding”.

See photos of the shoot.

Union also shared some of the pictures that didn’t make it to the final cut.

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