Yvonna Orji Chops Her Hair, Debuts Gorgeous Look

Yvonne Orji is just stunning.

The actress took to her Instagram moments ago to reveal her new look: she chopped off her big hair because she was no longer feeling that look.

“Woke up this morning and wasn’t feeling it,” she wrote, adding, “Watched a sermon, and still wasn’t feeling it. Laid in bed scrolling online, and didn’t feel it then either. Finally decided to get up and said to myself, “something good will happen to me today.”

She continued, “[I] showered, got cute, and bumped the essential @kirkfranklin playlist. That’s when I felt it: JOY. My JOY kicked in when I decided to do something about it. Now, Every day won’t feel as good as a hot Cinnabon fresh out the oven, but you get to CHOOSE how you react to it. Today, I chose to get my joy back, and my prayer is that you choose YOU like never before!”

Check her out below:

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