‘Your Favourite Baby Boy has Become a Grandfather’, Joe Abah Celebrates Birth of Grandson

Joe Abah is a self-acclaimed baby for life and even becoming a grandfather isn’t going to put a damper on that.

The former Head of Bureau for Public Sector Reform took to Instagram to share the good news of the latest addition to his family.

“Behold, the coolest grandpa ever liveth. Yep! Your favourite Baby Boy has become a grandfather of a baby boy. Mother a d bbay boy are well. To God be the glory”.

Quoting the lyrics to Jazzman Olofin’s hit in the 2000s, Joe added; “For the avoidance of doubt, I remain a Baby Boy! “Pe no retire, iron nla nla!! I go dey demo till I Rest in Peace!!!”

Congratulations to the coolest grandpa ever liveth.

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