Young Thug’s Ex-Manager Wins Major Settlement From the Rapper’s Financial Team

Young Thug’s former manager, Imani Media Group founder Manny Halley, has just won a 7-figure settlement deal from the rappers financial team David Weise & Associates.

According to TMZ, Halley, who has previously represented top acts like Nicki Minaj and Keyshia Cole, filed a lawsuit against the business management firm in 2017 after they accused him of spending $200,000 on unauthorized purchases. The accusatory email sent from the firm to Halley went viral, was published by many major media house.

It read in part:

“You have undertaken an illegal and prohibited act by intentionally bouncing checks with vendors; you have engaged in an illegal/criminal act by authorizing and forging a signature of an employee of my firm’s personal credit card and signing a contract […] These actions above have routinely occurred, not only for your personal doings, but you are also endangering Young Thug to criminal and financial harm.”

Halley denied the allegations, insisted that the money was spent booking private jets the rapper used while on tour. He also went further to note that the David Weise was trying to defame his character all because he criticised the firm for how they handled the rapper’s money.

The conflict was resolved amicably, and according to a recent press release, Halley and Weise concluded that “there was no criminal conduct” on Halley’s part, resulting in him winning a 7-figure settlement deal.

The parties stated the situation was simply a misunderstanding.

Celebrating this news, here’s what Halley shared on his Instagram:

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