Young Thug Brawls With French Montana Over Kendrick Lamar Comments

Young Thug had some words for French Montana, who, yesterday, asserted that he has more “anthems” if he and Kendrick Lamar were to have a hits battle.

Addressing the comment, Young Thug called Montana a “Stupid ass n****. Fool.”

This lead to a Thugger and Montana back-and-forth, with both artists criticising the other’s legacy and financial standing.

Thugger, at one point, threatened to call up Meek Mill and have a video sent to him which allegedly shows Montana getting “knocked out.” Montana, meanwhile, has largely taken to mocking Thugger’s innovative fashion decisions.

“First of all, don’t get in your feelings, bro,” Thugger said in one clip. “I’m just speaking from the artist standpoint. You don’t got nowhere near more hits than no motherfuckin’ Kendrick Lamar.” Thugger also questioned the practice of engaging with Montana at all, particularly noting how that is exactly what the public wants.

“I don’t even talk to n****s like you, bro,” he said. “Stay in your lane, I’ll stay in mine . . . You a bitch, bro.”

See their embarassing clips:

And it went on and on. Shame.

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