‘You Spoke Without Knowledge of SIP’ – Maryam Uwais Hits Back at Aisha Buhari

Maryam Uwais, senior special assistant to the president on social investment, has defended the federal government’s social investment programmes (SIP) after a withering attack from wife of the President, Aisha Buhari.

Appearing on a ChannelsTV programme, Mrs Uwais said Mrs Buhari would have been able to track all beneficiaries of the project if she had access to available data.

She added that 190,000 beneficiaries are currently being paid under the investment programmes.

She noted that the conditional cash transfer programme is ongoing in 12 local governments in Adamawa, while over 11,000 graduates have been recruited in a similar package.

Uwais said: “I believe that if she (Aisha) were to listen to the information they have there, if she were to check on our data, she would be able to track all the beneficiaries.

“Yes, she may not have met them. But we are in 12 local governments for the cash transfer. And we are also in 12 LGAs for the loans. So, I think we have at least 290,000 beneficiaries directly that we are paying in Adamawa state.”

Uwais said the school feeding programme is also ongoing in over 1,000 public primary schools in Adamawa and that much more could have been done with more funding.

“I’m saying that we have over 11,000 graduates recruited and working in her home state. We have non-graduates, 440; we started the school feeding programme in October 2018, we are in 1,054 public primary schools,” she said.

“And if we’ve done about 300,000 beneficiaries directly, I believe we could do so much more if we have sufficient funding. We have only scratched the surface in the sense that we don’t have the sufficient funding to address.”

Check out a clip of her interview below…

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