‘You Set the Bar so High’, Vanessa Bryant Says as She Shows Off Dress Kobe Gifted Her from Sex and The City

Vanessa Bryant has revealed that she’s still finding gifts her late husband gifted her even after his death almost six months ago.

The widow of the late Kobe Bryant showed off a dress off the popular TV show, ‘Sex and the City’ worn by Carrie Bradshaw in Paris (character played by Sarah Jessica Parker) when Mr Big went to get her back.

Bryant revealed that as far as this love thing goes, Kobe raised the bar really high and we doubt anyone else can hit the bar talk more of surpassing it.

Sharing a picture of the silver corset top with a full green tuelle skirt, Vanessa wrote;

“#SexandtheCity When Mr. Big comes and gets Carrie back. Paris. missing my boo-boo and my sweet girl. So nice to have found this dress today. You set the bar so high baby. No love like REAL LOVE”, she wrote.

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