‘You Don’t Have to Believe in African Spiritually but You Ought to Respect it’ Beauty Blogger, Lola OJ Says

Lola OJ is making a case for the African traditional religion as deserving of reverence like other religions adopted by Africans.

The beauty blogger shared her thoughts on Instagram as she wondered why many attribute symbolism from traditional religions as demonic.

Point in case, Beyonce’s widely acclaimed ‘Black is King’ visual album,  the mother of noted how many people are already calling it ‘demonic’ because of the many African traditional symbolism through out the film.

Lola OJ stated that colonialism indeed did a number on Africans and though she’s an advocate for freedom of religious expressions, she stated that Africans should at least accord the native religion the same respect they accord others.

“You don’t have to believe in African spirituality, but you ought to respect it the way you respect other religions” she stated.

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