Yemi Alade Slams Folks Who Dismiss Her Songs as ‘Pangolo’

Yemi Alade has never been one to brawl with haters on social media, but she couldn’t ignore the band of trolls who have a penchant for dismissing her artistry.

Yesterday, while interacting who fans who are promoting her new music, she came across a slew of hurtful words from haters who mocked her music. Having ignored them for too long, she called them out this time.

“If e dey pain you say I dey sing and I dey win, go do your own. Nobody hold your mouth,” she replied them, and in another tweet, added, “Drinking my [tea] and minding my business. I am here to work and feed my family, anything extra is a blessing from God.”

And when another supportive fan tweeted her support for the supposed ‘Pangolo’ music Alade has been accused of churning out, the singer-songwriter replied: “No time.”

See the exchange below:

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