Yemi Alade Reacts to Video of City FM OAPs Dissing Women Artistes

Yemi Alade has broken silence after Tiwa Savage exposed the three City FM OAPs who had nasty things to say about Nigerian women artistes.

Recall that Tiwa posted the video last night, with a heartbreaking caption about how these gatekeepers make things difficult for women artistes. Read all about it here.

And see the video below:

Now Yemi Alade, who was also mentioned in gossip has spoken up. She wrote on her Instagram:

It’s impossible to be liked by everyone! But in this clip we see 3 women ridiculing and making small talk about successful women, to the extent of calling someone a FOOL!, she Even took her song off the systems programmed play,I don’t even understand the English or language this lady used to insult me when she mentioned my name.
However, I am even more perplexed as to the mental state of these women. How can people this wounded in spirit and poor in mind be able to get jobs that involve addressing millions of people, influencing their thoughts, educating listeners, promoting justice?

Nonetheless!! Women DO support women! and unfortunately, these 3 are just a few of the bad eggs.
I can’t forgive you because you haven’t offended me to be sincere, lion no dey concern imself with wetin sheep dey talk.

Even if I run into them, I wouldn’t even know who they are. if we start to listen in on the PURELY EVIL CONVERSATIONS PEOPLE have about Artists; female or male, omo data go finish.

I know a few OAPS that know how to voice their opinion without being hateful, but these three ? Need re-orientation, re-education,, and redirection in life. This is def how they talk about all artists!all people! This is the hate they SPREAD! NAIJA WHICH WAY!

We didn’t Rise to top because of insults, neither can it bring us down!

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