‘Yahaya Bello ‘Failed’ in Office because he wasn’t Voted In’ – Abubakar Audu’s Son

A Kogi State governorship aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Prince Mustapha Mona Audu, has said that Governor Yahaya Bello has failed to provide democrat dividends to the people because he was not voted for.

Also slating governor Bello for not representing youths, Audu said returning the governor to power would amount to mortgaging the political future of the Nigerian youths, TheNation writes.

“Yes, the current governor is a young man, but he is not our representative. No one said men cannot rule. It is unfair to say he is a representative of the youth because no young person selected him as our representative. No Kogite voted for him. There is no single Kogite alive or dead that voted for the current governor.

“The governor accidentally, through an act of God, made it there. Unfortunately, because he did not understand what was needed to get there and was not part of the people who brought this victory, he misused the opportunity.

“He got rid of all the people that worked for it. In life, there is a simple rule. If you don’t work for something, you don’t know the value of it. This is exactly what happened. He didn’t work for it and so, he does not understand the value.

“Now, the young had gathered together and picked one person and we know that Kogi State is our last chance. If you don’t get it right in Kogi State, the door will forever be shut against us because they are going to use Kogi State as an example of why young people shouldn’t be in leadership. If you talk about young people in government, people will tell you, look at Kogi State.

“Something as basic as salaries, he has not paid for over 40 months. But this is not a consequence of being young, but the function of somebody who is not prepared for leadership and we are ready to change him. We are going to change him very soon.”

He said he was not worried about whatever mode of primary the party decides to adopt for the governorship primary as he was confident of emerging winner considering the level of work put into his campaign.


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