Wow! Woman Shares Nude Photos of Lady after Her Husband

It was bad news for a would-be husband snatcher after an unidentified married woman shared her nude photos online.

This was disclosed by relationship expert, Joro Olomofin, saying the married lady claimed that girt is a student of Madonna University, Okija and her husband complained that she constantly sends her nudes to him.

Joro then shared the nude photos of the student, while pointing out that he wasn’t in the business of exposing peeps yet.

He wrote: “TO BE DELETED SOON! I get messages like this every time, expose this Celebrity, I have this married celebrities nudes, expose my husbands side-chick, expose this person but I haven’t decided if I want to start exposing people yet.

“As a relationship blogger, I’m meant to share people stories no matter how bad or annoying, as a mental health professional I shouldn’t be exposing people.

“I should be helping. Both sides chick/guys and victims.

“What do you think I should do? Will exposing people help?”

Some of his followers naturally wanted him to expose the ‘useless girls’ as he chews on the matter.

Pls tell us what you make of it…


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