Wow! Police Strip Woman with Beard to Confirm Gender

A Kenyan woman was humiliated by police officers who forcefully stripped her to be ‘sure’ of her gender after they spotted her with beard.

Narrating the bizarre tale, Teresiah Mumbi claimed that two officers from Huruma Police station disgraced her because of her beard.

She said the officers took note of her beard, then demanded that she strips down for them to confirm if she was indeed a woman.

The victim claimed that despite pleading with the officers, they remained resolute on proving if she was a lady.

“Two officers came and told me to take off my clothes. They then examined me. I’m not sure what they saw but they told me to return to my cell,” she said.

Mumbi’s story has angered Kenyans online with a majority calling for action against the perpetrators.

Weighing in on the matter, Homa Bay Women Rep Hon Gladys Wanga called for stern action to be taken against the officers involved in Ms Mumbi’s unwarranted humiliation.

”What happened to Mumbi is unacceptable. It is beyond imagination. It cannot be allowed to happen to anybody. It is inhuman. It is a violation of her rights. It is discrimination of the highest order. It is really malpractice on the part of the police. It cannot be allowed to pass,” Hon Wanga said.

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