Woman Ordered to Pay Lover £116,000 After Being Caught Cheating

A Central County Court in London has ordered a nurse to pay her estranged lover £116,000 after she was caught cheating.

Trish Garikayi, 37, claimed she was a “kept woman” during her six-year relationship with 58-year-old businessman Wisdom Penfold, receiving presents including a Porsche 911 and a £100,000 diamond bracelet from Mayfair jewellers Aspreys.

The couple split in 2015 when Mr Penfold found her in bed with another man, leading to an acrimonious court fight over money earmarked for them to buy a home together.

“The nature of the relationship was one where Mr Penfold bestowed and showered Miss Garikayi with lavish gifts”, argued her lawyer Chike Ezike.

It was claimed Mr Penfold whisked her away on luxury holidays to Paris, Spain, Indonesia, and Dubai, and bought her a Porsche, a BMW and a Mercedes and the £100,000 bracelet.

But Mr Penfold denied being so generous, though he accepted buying Miss Garikayi presents, including a Burberry coat and Jimmy Choo shoes.

His barrister Richard Alford said Miss Garikayi insisted on the £218,000 deposit into her account to mark “the seriousness of their relationship”.

“He did as requested, instructing her that the funds were to be held in the account and not used unless he said so”, said Mr Alford, before it was revealed that she spent money on herself, including £91,000 to buy a property in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The judge ruled that Mr Penfold had also paid a £35,000 deposit on Miss Garikayi’s property in Guildford which she bought for £275,000 in 2015, and funded refurbishments and two mortgage payments. This spending now entitled him to a share of the property.

The judge said the Zimbabwe house purchase was “in breach of trust” as he ruled in Mr Penfold’s favour on his financial claims.

Miss Garikayi now has six months to buy her ex out of the Guildford property or it will be sold and the proceeds divided.

She was also ordered to pay £30,000 of Mr Penfold’s legal costs within three weeks.

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