Wiz Khalifa Defends Letting His Son Ride a Bus to School

Wiz Khalifa wants you all to know that he is very confident of his parenting skill, and so doesn’t want unsolicited advice from folks who think he did wrong by letting his son take a bus to school.

Drama all started two weeks ago after the Fr Fr rapper shared the photo of his son Sebastian waiting to take a bus to school for the first time, and folks thought it was not a good idea.

Wiz ignored the trolling, but later clapped back at those who had awful things to say. And during a chat with Billboard, he explained his decision to respond to the haters.

“I figured I’d just use my platform to get my point across in a non-defensive manner. If the negativity has a voice, I wanted to give the positive side a voice. I’m happy I did it,” he told the publication. “There wasn’t any pressure or anything. I felt like sticking up for my son. He’s going to be mine forever. Now, down the road he can be like, ‘My dad stuck up for me and defended me regardless.’ That’s my little man.”

He added: “I’m so confident in my parenting skills and what I have to offer to other people that they will look at the positive side. The negative doesn’t really impact me. My relationship is with my son. As long as he’s good, I don’t listen to too much of the outside noise.”

Check out the photo that got everyone talking.

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