Winnie Harlow Insists ANTM Didn’t Make Her Career, Says it Stigmatised Her

Winnie Harlow has sort of clarified that she wasn’t dissing Tyra Banks when she spoke her truth about America’s Next Top Model, however, she insists that the venture didn’t help her career.

“It has nothing to do with being ungrateful, and more over nothing to do with ‘shade’ to Tyra,” Winnie wrote on Instagram yesterday. “She was the first person of higher status to make me feel like I could be a model and not only am i grateful for that, it’s something I’ll never forget.
She continued: “After being on the show no one would book me and no agency would sign me because of the Reality Tv stigma.”This inspired her to seek out other opportunities in Europe, where she was not as well known for her time on the show. “My truth is, I stand by what I said and I say it because I don’t want girls thinking it’s a jump start to a modelling career because of me,” she explained. “I learned that the best thing to do to become a model and to be taken seriously is to take plain head shots and find a reputable modelling agency.”She added that she wants to “be real with young guys and girls whose dreams are to become models.”

On the side, she added that she  is “always grateful for every experience” that allows her the opportunity to “learn and grow.”

See her post below.

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