Williams Uchemba Addresses Claims That He Scammed Nigerians

Williams Uchemba has finally addressed the claims that he scammed Nigerians who reached out to him to include them in his organisation’s conferences held at the United Nations offices in the United States.

Drama started yesterday when a Twitter user shared a screenshot of his chat with Uchemba, in which they allegedly agreed on a sum the user must pay before being accepted to attend the conference. Shortly after this news surfaced, more people published their chats with Uchemba, all of them claiming that the former actor defrauded them.

The outrage prompted the United Nations Youth Envoy to post a caveat on her Twitter, announcing that her office has no association with Uchemba.

See the tweet below:

Now, Uchemba has taken to his Instagram to post a video in which he explained his business dealings with those who accused him, while also clarifying that he is not directly associated with the UN Youth Ambassador. And more.

Watch the video below:

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