Wife Forces Husband’s Lover to Strip and Clean after Catching Them

A South African woman forced her husband’s lover to clean the house and wash bed sheets after she reportedly caught her with her husband at home.

SA’s  Daily Sun reports that the wife forced the girlfriend to confess on camera and told her she had to compensate her by doing housework.

First, she was given a cloth and bucket and told to scrub the floor, before she was ordered to wash the bedsheets on which she had slept with the woman’s husband.

“You want to be the woman of this house? Then do the chores as a wife. I want these blankets clean,” said the wife in a video.

In the video shot in Pretoria, Tshwane, over the weekend. the girlfriend was told to say she sleeps around with married men who have kids.

The gruelling didn’t end there as the girlfriend was later made to mop up her footprints on the ground with a cloth.

It definitely felt like an overkill, and many on social media thought the wife was unfair.

“Where is the husband? She did not cheat alone,” one commented.

Others said this would warn other supposed husband snatchers (Nyatsi, in South Africa) not to mess with other people’s husbands.


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