‘Why is Jim Iyke So Bitter?’ Fans Debate After Actor Got Embroiled in Messy Instagram Row

Jim Iyke‘s fans think he is too angry, too bitter.

Drama started today when the actor got into a messy row with two Instagram trolls. In his signature fashion, he dragged them mercilessly, body-shamed them, insulted their families and ancestors, and even mocked their bank accounts. It was yet another personal clapback many people felt was needless, and this quickly stirred major conversation on social media.

Because this is not the first time the actor would be getting into such brawl with strangers.

But things went southward when one fan asked why he bothers with engaging trolls on his page. “You sound too bitter for a man,” said the fan. “Why can’t you ignore and pass, or better still reply with love? Why your body dey always pepper you? Like you don’t know these people would always want to bash you? [Calm down] Mr. Man. Are you a sissy?”

Well, the condescending tone hit Jim Iyke deeply, because he sent the fan a very long, angry DM–the longest rant we have ever read, triggering yet another round on debate on social media. Because folks are now asking: Why is Jim Iyke so bitter?

Swipe to read his rant:

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