Whoop, Whoop! Amara Kanu & Kanu Nwankwo Celebrate 14th Wedding Anniversary

Happy wedding anniversary to Amara and Kanu Nwankwo!

Today, the power couple took to their social media to share their cute photos alongside heartwarming captions about their 14th wedding anniversary.

“@kingkanu4 🎉 confident in the knowledge that the best is yet to come. Happy wedding anniversary to us. 🤩. #positiveenergy #akhealthy #14years#andcounting #issagoal #confident #july03#2018 #cheers,” said the fitness coach wife on her page.

And her husband replied with an equally cut caption of his own: “ISSA GOAL HAPPY ANNIVERSARY . We thank GOD @amarakanu#thankgod #positivevibes #akhealthy.”

Check out their adorable new photos.

Happy wedding anniversary to them!


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