White Woman Claims She Invented Hair Bonnet and Black People Drag Her

A white woman named Sarah Marantz Lindenberg has claimed she invented the silk cap originally known by black people as ‘hair bonnet’ and this has stirred heated reactions on social media.

In an article with Fashion Magazine, the businesswoman claims she “came up with the idea” of a “washable silk head wrap” that prevents breakouts and preserve hairstyles.

“My concept came out of a problem that needed solving,” explained Marantz, who founded the company, NiteCap, to sell her so-called “invention” that was already being used by millions of black women every day. “It inspired me to create something of my own.”

The Root adds: what she claimed she invented basically was “a version of the same headwrap that has been included in the late-night booty-call kit invented in 1906 by inventor Madame CJ Walker’s less successful sister, LaKeisha Walker. To be fair, the difference between Lindenberg’s bonnet and the one worn by Erykah Badu, India.Arie and 92.8 percent of the women who have ever been on a “natural hair journey” is that Lindenberg sells her bonnets for $98.”

Which is why folks are dragging her for filth!

See the reactions below:

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