Wendy Williams takes Ex-Husband back as Business Partner

A ceasefire in the bitterness that has marked the separation of TV show host, Wendy Williams and her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, is set to come to an end as the pair reunite.

This speculation is in light of recent reports that Williams has had a change of heart about keeping hunter in her life…but as a business manager this time.

Daily Mail reports that 55-year-old Williams and Hunter had several serious in-person heart-to-heart talks about the fate of their professional life together.

The pair decided Hunter could likely stay on as Williams’ business manager to protect the “legacy” they built with their production company and charitable foundation.

“Wendy and Kevin’s marriage might be over but they still have love for one another and she realizes that when it comes to business they had a great partnership, there was definitely magic there,” a source close to the couple told Daily Mail.

It would be recalled that we reported Williams filed for divorce after 46-year-old Hunter allegedly carried on an affair and fathered a love child in April with his massage therapist mistress Sharina Hudson.

“Wendy has come around to the idea that it makes more sense for Kevin to stick around, it’s best for her business and career and for their family,” the source said.

Still, the arrangement isn’t necessarily a done deal, as they continue to hash out the details of their divorce.

“Kevin is willing to work with Wendy but he wants to make sure anything he decides to do is in his best interests, [and] that’s what’s being sorted out now,” the source said.


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