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Wendy Williams Reacts to Her Emmy Snubs: “Who’s a Better Talk Show Host?”

Wendy Williams doesn’t understand why the Emmys continue to snub her famous talk show.

The Wendy Williams Show host runs a successful daytime television which is famous for its no-filter “Hot Topics” segments, in which she puts your favouraite celebrities on the blast and drag them for filth.

She expects that she has done enough to deserve Daytime Emmy Award, and so is upset with the continued snubs. “Who’s a better talk show host?!” she asked in a new interview with ELLE.com. “Don’t have one! Don’t have one! Will probably never get one. But it’s okay. You know why? Because I’ve got the power of the people.”

The show host continued, “This show is exactly what I would be watching if I wasn’t doing it. There’s nothing out there forced.”

While some of her fans agree with her, E! News adds that many people feel she is too critical and rude when she discusses the biggest celebrities and pop culture moments on her show, and it is why they think she doesn’t need to be applauded for putting people down.

But Wendy disagrees with this thought. She feels she has a kind heart. “I do the show from a place of good. With a kind heart. And nobody to pay my bills. I can’t get slick,” Wendy explained. “I need this job. I didn’t grow up rich. I like it here on TV. With finery.”

She added, “I’m saying what I think. What I think, a lot of people think. They’re just too afraid to say it.”

Do you agree with her though?


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