Welcome Professor Tip as Rapper is Set to Teach Course On Trap Music

You can start by addressing Tip Harris aka T.I as Professor Tip as the rapper is set to take university students in a class on Trap music.

Come this fall, the activist and businessman will teach on the financial aspects of Trap music at Clark County University.

T.I will lecture alongside Dr. Melva K. Williams, a renowned hip hop scholar. The undergraduate course will combine the history of trap music alongside the economics behind it meteoric rise, which has made it a 21st century essential.

Billboard revealed the news of the newly charted course in TI’s career.

Tip Harris is definitely excited about the opportunity to share from his wealth of knowledge.

“I am excited to share my experiences and whatever resources and information I have that can be an asset for the future.

“Drugs have existed for as long as humans have been on earth and music has existed for quite some time as well.

“The commonality that threads the two together is what makes trap music a dominant force in culture today”, he said.


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