Watch the New Action-Packed Venom Trailer Starring Tom Hardy

The trailer for Venom, Sony’s latest addition to the expanding Spider-Man universe, is finally here.

In the action-packed trailer, actor Tom Hardy, who plays the journalist Eddie Brock, discovers the suspicious lab led by actor Riz Ahmed. This unpredented discovery alters his life, as Brock is infested by a black symbiote unleashed by Ahmed’s character, in turn creating a new army of monsters.

Brock struggles to maintain control of his body, but by the end of the trailer, his mind is completely consumed by the monster. When a tormented bystander asks the creature what it is, Venom’s creepy face recedes to show Brock still surviving underneath as they declare, “We are Venom.”

The film will be released on October, two months before the arrival of the much-anticipated animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse arrives.

Watch the clip below.

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