WATCH: Lil Uzi Vert Tells Fans That They ALL Will be Going to Hell With Him

Lil Uzi Vert already knows where he will be going to, and he is very happy to take his fans along with him.

The rapper made this statement during his performance at the Wireless Festival in London. “Like I told y’all earlier, you motherfuckers have entered the rapture. And if ain’t nobody flying up to Heaven right now, obviously all Y’all motherfuckers going to hell –right with me,” he said, adding, “You already here, I’m so sorry. You can’t get out. You’re stuck. It’s over.”

This triggered excited reactions from the audience as many could be heard screaming. And on social media, many people are a bit worried about this message.

“These new artists needs prayers and some holy water. I’m speechless but not surprised,” said one Instagram user. And another added, “As if y’all are surprised ! Do y’all not see the one person he follows on IG?! I knew to stop listening to him then!”

The rapper follows only Marilyn Manson on Instagram, the singer-songwriter who has been accused of devil worship.

See the video below.

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