WATCH: Is #BBNaija Ahneeka Playing With Herself in This Vid? Fans Make a Guess

It has been three weeks at the house and some housemates are already, understandably, getting sexually frustrated, and it is upsetting that they are unable to do anything about it.

To bypass that rough situation, especially because of the cameras in the room which wait to broadcast every activities to the world outside the house, some housemates like Nina and Miracle pulled the duvet over their shoulders just so they could have some privacy while they did their business yesterday.

But for Ahneeka, the housemate seemingly didn’t bother with sneaking under a duvet; the female who is never ashamed of expressing herself was spotted seemingly fondling herself in bed. Though it seemed pervasive–the way her moment was televised, many viewers have agreed that it is all part of the drama that comes with the chase for the big prize. Plus, Big Brother Nigeria is a adult show, so things like this are expected to happen.

And the reactions are quite hilarious. “She is meditating,” said on Instagram user. And another added, “She’s a DJ…spinning the turn table..”


Watch the vid:

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