Was Kanye West the One Who Leaked Drake’s Secrets to Pusha T?

Kanye West could be the bird who whispered Drake’s secrets to his rival Pusha T.

Recall that Pusha dissed Drake on The Story of Adidon where he made lyrical jabs about Drake’s son with former pornstar Sophie Brussaux, claiming that Drake had refused to acknowledge his son.

Many people expected Drake to respond to the diss, but the Toronto rapper kept mum, until his album Scorpion dropped, in which he talked about the son and his babymama on the track March 14.

Fans felt March 14 was the defensive response to Pusha’s diss, but Rolling Stone got information that it is actually the other way round: Drake had long recorded the song and played a sample to Pusha’s partner Kanye, and it possibly was through Kanye West that Pusha learned of Drake’s true story.

Here’s what Rolling Stone reported:

“Chronologically, “March 14” seems like a defensive response to “The Story of Adidon” – damage control, even if Drake did it on his own terms. However, according to interviews with several people involved in the making of “March 14,” the song may not have been a response to Pusha-T’s track at all. Quite the opposite: Pusha-T may have found out about the contents of an early version of “March 14,” which provided him with lyrical ammunition he would later use against Drake. A source close to Drake confirms that “March 14” was recorded “way, way before” “The Story of Adidon.”

“I’m assuming [Drake] called the record ‘March 14′ ’cause that’s when he did the record,” T-Minus, who co-produced the track, tells Rolling Stone. (Drake has a history of songs named for the times he recorded them.) “I never even heard the content of the song until the album dropped,” the producer continues. “It was something private; it was supposed to be kept secure. The information got out and I’m assuming that’s how Push knew [about the child].”

The information may have gotten out in Wyoming, where Drake reportedly visited Kanye West. (Drake is credited on the Ye track “Yikes.”) “I was not there, but I do know that story: [Drake] played early versions of those songs and so on and so forth,” says Malik Yusef, a longtime West collaborator who also worked on Ye in Wyoming. “You gotta be careful how you move, I think. Not I think, I know: You gotta be careful how you move, what you say to people, what gets out, and the whole nine [yards].”

Yusef adds, “was it Confucius that said, ‘Often the thing whispered in the ear of your closest friend is heard 100 miles away by your greatest enemy’?”

Neither Kanye nor Pusha had refuted this claim as at press time.

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