Vlogger Grace Ajilore Announces Her Pregnancy. As Usual, Nigerians Bash Feminism

Congratulations to Grace Ajilore!

Yesterday, news surfaced that the vlogger is pregnancy with her first child. And while many people took to the app to congratulate her, some folks chose that opportunity to bash women and feminism. Their reason? That Ajilore dissed men. That she championed the “men are scum” campaign.

There is no truth to this. Here’s a sample of Ajilore’s old skits.

And here’s what Ajilore told her fans in the past:

But, folks who often threatened by feminism found another opportunity to drag the movement. And they, we must say, are having a field day.

See some of their tweets:

And check out the responses from those who understood the point of Ajilore’s skits:

Meanwhile, check out Grace’s response to the trolling below:

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