Viola Davis Honoured at Hollywood Reporter’s Empowering Women in Entertainment Event

Viola Davis continues to inspire us all.

Yesterday, the veteran actress was honoured at The Hollywood Reporter‘s Power 100 event where women in the entertainment industry were celebrated.

Sherry Lansing presented Davis with the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award. And in her acceptance speech, the actress said:

“The worst demon of all is a lack of purpose,” said the actress in her acceptance. “You do not have to know what’s in the hearts of people to be a leader, but by God do you have to know what is in the heart of leaders. And what is in my heart is: I cannot lead with bullshit. I think there is something to be said about being wild.”

“Don’t let anybody tell you who you are. This is my fist pump. This is my drop the mic. This is me.”

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