Viewers Drag Payporte Boss for Criticising BamTeddy for Having Sex in the House

Many people have reasons to believe that the 2018 Big brother Naija show is rigged and this is because of the comments the CEO of Payporte, Eyo Bassey, made after BamBam and Teddy A got evicted.

Posting on his Instagram yesterday, Bassey, whose company is the official sponsor of the show, criticised BamBam and Teddy A for having sex in the house, noting that he had warned the housemates from engaging in such explicit activities that would jeopardise their chances.

“I hope everyone will understand and see clearly that ‘sex and nudity does not sell on #BBnaija. @payporte has maintained this position. Compared to last season when neither sex or nudity was televised we all can judge. I hope my fellow colleagues can get the message. #Bamteddy,” he wrote.

He continued, “I warned and they refused to listen. Sex doesn’t sell this @bigbrothernaija. we insisted on this last season and the show was clean and shattered all records. This weekend eviction is another pointer.”

Many people didn’t take kindly to that biased commentary, especially coming from the major sponsor of the show, and it is for this reason that are calling out the CEO, and also questioning the integrity of the show.

And seeing the outrage his comment stirred, he tried damage control. “I noticed my previous post was largely mis-understood. lt may have sounded offensive to some persons. Its retracted, deleted and taken down,” he said, adding, “The primary message will be conveyed better.”

However, viewers are still upset.

See some of the reactions below.

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