Video Vixen Who Faked Her Own Death Says Her Boyfriend is a ‘Ritualist’: WATCH

Wendy has finally spoken up one day after news surfaced that she died.

In case you missed all the drama: friends and family of the video vixen took to social media yesterday to accuse her boyfriend Jide of killing her using voodoo. But it wasn’t long before the accused revealed that Wendy was still alive, that her family only wanted to extort him.

Now, Wendy has shared a video in which she accused Jide of attempting to use her for money ritual. “Jide is a ritualist,” said Wendy in the new video, adding that she pretended dead to distract Jide who she insists tried to kill her.

Jide had yet to respond to the accusation as at press time.

Meanwhile, watch her rant below:


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