Video of Post Malone Playing Around With Cursed Object in Haunted Museum Surfaces

A new video has surfaced showing the moment when Post Malone played with a cursed object in the famous haunted museum, stirring suspicion that he is battling an evil curse.

TMZ shared the video which shows Post hanging out with Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans at Bagans’ Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, where they played around with the “Dybbuk box”, the famous box supposedly haunted by an evil spirit.

The box inspired the 2012 movie The Possession.

From the clip, Bagans is seen revealing the box. Post touches Bagans’ shoulder, screams, and leaves.

News reports claim that spooky things happen to those who come in contact with the box.

Now, folks are connecting the dots with all happening in Post’s life: in less than an month, his private plane underwent an emergency landing, he crashed his Rolls-Royce in a car accident days later, and then his house was targeted by an intruder last week.

Reacting to the happenings, Post tweeted, “god must hate me lol.”

Now, Bagans tells TMZ that by touching his shoulder, Post could have attracted a curse from the box.

Watch the video below.


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