Victoria’s Secret Model Kelly Gale Busted for Having Sex in Airplane Toilet

Victoria’s Secret model Kelly Gale has opened up about the time when she and her boyfriend Johannes Jarl were caught having sex in the toilet of a plane.

The 22-year-old made this revelation during a sit-down on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Wednesday.

Asked if she has ever joined the mile high club, the model said “yeah”, before going on to share details of when they were busted. “I feel like it’s something you have to do,” the Swedish-Australian said, adding, “I just laughed it off.”

And speaking about her long-term relationship with Jarl, she said, “We’ve been dating since high school. He chased me and then I chased him and then he chased me again. It was on-off for a while.”

Gale further added that Jarl is her first love, and when she was asked if they’ll get married, she replied, “I don’t know, I mean, in the future. He’s amazing,”She continued, “He’s Swedish and he’s the most Swedish looking guy you’d ever meet. He’s tall with white long hair, like a surfer.”

And she said more.

Listen to the radio interview HERE.

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