Versace Sues Fashion Nova Over Iconic Jennifer Lopez Dress Knockoff

Versace reportedly has sued Fashion Nova for making a Halloween costume/knockoff of Jennifer Lopez’s popular green Versace gown.

According to THR, the Italian designer took the fast-fashion retailer to court on Monday for not justing copying the J-Lo design, but also for knocking off multiple designs, alleging copyright and trademark infringement.

“Fashion Nova’s Infringing Apparel is plainly a deliberate effort to exploit the popularity and renown of Versace’s signature designs, and to trade on Versace’s valuable goodwill and business reputation,” according to the California complaint. “Versace seeks to bring an end to Fashion Nova’s latest brazen attempt at copying the work of yet another famous and world-renowned designer.”

Versace claims that its strict trademarks ensure quality control, which has allowed the brand to receive “widespread recognition and fame.” It fears consumers will be “confused and deceived” into thinking the Fashion Nova designs are the real thing, which would lead to the “tarnishing and degrading” of Versace’s image.

“Fashion Nova’s ability to churn out new clothing so quickly is due in large part to its willingness to copy the copyrighted designs, trademarks and trade dress elements of well-known designers such as Versace, and trade on their creative efforts in order to bolster Fashion Nova’s bottom line,” the lawsuit reads. Versace warned Fashion Nova in July, September, October and November.

Versace is seeking an injunction, recall and payment including “all profits realized by its wrongful acts.” The label requests a trial by jury.

We can’t wait to see how this pans out.


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