Venus Williams Reveals Her Guide to “Everyday Glam” Skin Care and Makeup

Venus Williams has been in quarantine like everyone else, but for the past few months, she has been giving her fans glimpses of her everyday glam routine.

Speaking in a new video shared by VOGUE, the tennis champ spoke about a detoxifying tea tree cream cleanser she bought on the Caribbean island St. Lucia. “When I go [to] different places I love to find…what’s local,” she said, referring to her love for Moroccan oils, manuka honey from New Zealand, and others.

She continued, “I’ve had acne since my teens…I’m always fighting to hopefully not have any breakouts,” adding that she takes care of her neck too. “We gotta take it all the way down,” she said as she rubbed a drop of rose oil—followed by a squirt of her own sunscreen—over her underarms, décolletage, and “tatas”.

“I started taking care of my skin because of my mom,” Williams recalled. “My mom, as long as I can remember, has been taking baths, exfoliating…and rubbing lotion on her body. I remember when we were kids, we would tease her…but we were wrong. She was right.”

About how she prepares for the court, “When I’m playing tournaments, I do not wear makeup because the last thing that I want to be worried about is too much makeup, but I will do some things, like I definitely wear an eyeliner; I’m in the eyeliner club.”

However, for a usual day, she goes for “a super, super natural look”, and: “I like to end it all with an aromatherapy moment,”

Watch the video here.

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