Vector tha Viper Responds to MI Abaga’s Diss With New Record, ‘Judas the Rat’

Vector tha Viper finally has a response for MI Abaga, who eviscerated him last week.

Vector had been embroiled in a one-sided beef with MI, and yesterday he dropped a diss song, The Purge in which he mocked MI’s career and business, cited the artists the legend allegedly is feuding with.

MI took the criticism well, even commented on the post: “Dope shit, my G. Congrats!” To which Vector replied. “I am not your G. You are typing too much.”

And MI dropped a diss record, The Viper, dragging the younger rapper to hell and back.

Now, Vector has responded in Judas the Rat. Listen to it below and tell us what you think!

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