#ValentinesWithNobody trends as Nigerians celebrate Valentine’s Day

The world marks Valentine’s Day today, when people celebrate love and their loved ones by buying gifts and other items to show their affection.

Nigerians, both home and abroad, aren’t left out of the celebrations as they storm retail shops for gifts and take to social media to give shout outs to those dear to them.

But as we know all too well, it sometimes happens that an individual gets to spend this special day alone.

Sometimes, it could be that a partner is out of town and unreachable for the day, or worse still, we are just single – either fresh out of a relationship of searching for love.

Of course being single could be a cold place to be – West Life made it abundantly clear in hit song ‘Love takes two’ – there’s however some comfort to be found in self love.

This is more feasible in the realm of deep positive thinking, surely, but Nigerians have taken it that bit deeper on social media, with many sharing their experiences of spending Valentine’s Day alone.

From hilarious memes to stinging sarcasm, posting of selfies and honest-to-God comforting messages, below are some of what Nigeria’s Twitterland has to say on the #ValentinesWithNobody trend.



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