Uti Nwachukwu Defends Burna Boy, Says Singer Put Respect on Nigeria’s Name

While many people are still excoriating Burna Boy for flipping the bird at those who had a lot say about him lately, Uti NWachukwu thinks we all should be thankful for Burna.

Recall that the recent conversation about the singer began after he took to Twitter to declare that no one but his family and Fela Anikulapo Kuti paved the way for him. Many people had a problem with that, but Uti thinks otherwise.

Thing is people love Fake Humility. They want u to get big but not big enough!! They always want to feel like they have a leash on u so they can say WE MADE YOU! Forgetting that if you were not Good enough, they wouldn’t have even given you face!! @burnaboy is def AFRICA’S GIANT!” said Uti.

He continued, “We should actually thank @burnaboy for putting RESPECT on our name internationally!! Especially at times like these where we have very little to brag about as a country! Entertainment has been our saving grace in recent times! PUT SOME RESPECT ON HIS NAME!! HE FREAKING EARNED IT!”

And he said a lot more.

See his tweets below:


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