Usher Catches Flak for Calling Nicki Minaj ‘A Product Of Lil’ Kim’

Usher is catching a lot of heat on social media after mouthing off on Nicki Minaj‘s legacy.

The singer sat down for an Instagram Live chat with Swizz Beatz, during which the producer asked for Usher’s opinion on the stretched-out feud between Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim, to which the singer said that Nicki is the ‘product’ of the older singer.

This stung the Barbz the wrong way.

However, it has stirred heated reaction on social media, with folks divided on either side of the conversation. And what’s sad is that this unending feud is fueled by men who never, ever, compared or mock each other’s legacy, but would poke old wounds and sit on the sidelines and watch women pitted against each other.

See the reactions below:

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