Ultimate Love Winner, Rosemary Afuwape, Calls Out Women Who Troll Women

Rosemary Afuwape has never been one to brawl with fans on social media, but she has now taken to her Instagram to call out those–especially women–who take joy in trolling women on social media.

While she did not point to a specific incident that triggered this outburst(dampened with a really gorgeous photo of herself), she wondered what such women gain from being nasty to their counterparts.

She said:

“What do you gain for trying so hard to bring other women down with your venomous tongue? What value does it add to you when you insult or talk down on another woman? Does it add more money to your bank account? Does it change your status quo?
Taking out someone’s light doesn’t make yours shine brighter, so why do it?”

See her post:


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