Ultimate Love Star Bolanle Swears She’ll Never Take Arnold Back

Bolanle Oluchi Babalola would rather dance than take her Ultimate Love ex-partner, Arnold back.

In case you missed how their drama started: the duo were a couple during their stay in the house, and were one of the few who made it to the final. Sadly, barely one day to the end of the show, they broke into a nasty fight after Bolanle was accused of being an ungrateful person.

It has been months since the show ended, since they emerged runner up, and Bolanle still maintain her stand about Arnold: she is done with him.

Hours ago, she shared a Tiktok in which she was asked if she would dance or take her ex back, and she broke into a feisty dance. “God forbid!” she captioned the post, to drive the point home.

Watch her below:


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