Ufuoma McDermott Shares Scary Ocean Experience as She Celebrates Hubby on Father’s Day

Ufuoma McDermott is reliving a moment that made her question her husband’s sanity as she celebrates him on father’s day.

The actress told the tale of how her family and friends had gone to the beach and her husband decided that their son, Isio, who was only 3 years old at that time, deserved an ocean experience.

Recalling the events of the day, the mother of two revealed that she had wanted to build sand castles with her son when she saw him deep the ocean with his father. Though her husband’s friends tried to allay her fears, reminding her that Steve used to go Scuba diving in the Solomon Islands and particularly liked ‘Shark Season’ Ufuoma McDermott wasn’t having it as she was frantic, angry and scared for her son’s life. She had to take a picture as evidence in case anything happened to her child.

Well, as is well that ends well as her husband swam out of the water with her son who ran up to her in hug and excitedly revealed that he went deep inside the ocean.

She finished off by saying that her children couldn’t have had a better father in appreciation for all Steve does on father’s day.

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THIS FIRST PICTURE WAS NOT TAKEN IN LOVE AT ALL 😭😭 Sometime in 2016, we went to the beach. #Kesiena was about 6 or 7 months old. #Isio was 3. I came down from the beach 🏖 house with #Kes and thought we’d make sand castles 🏰. I asked the nannies to get Isio and they said he’s with his dad. Ok, bring him let’s play in the sand. Then they point to the sea and say “he’s with his dad”. I must have fainted when I saw my husband swimming deeper into the ocean with my child… sorry. Our child. I started crying, screaming at the top of my voice. I was frantic. Animated. Scared. Anxious. Please don’t think I was mad ladies and gentlemen 😭. My husband used to go scuba 🤿 diving in the Solomon Islands 🇸🇧 and he preferred “shark season”. He said swimming in the sea had a different feel to the pool. This man’s thirst for adrenaline is on another level. In 2 seconds, I ran mad. My child! .. sorry; our child was just 3 and he deserved a chance at life. Who I wan tell this story!? I grabbed my phone and took this picture as evidence… just in case. My husband’s friends all came around me with huge smiles to allay my fear. “Don’t worry. Steve is a good swimmer” I looked at them with fire 🔥 in my eyes. “Isio nko??? Is he a good swimmer??” As the whole drama unfolded, the #McDermott boys were having a blast in the ocean! I saw him toss Isio up and catch him. Unable to do much, I sat there in the sand and waited. Minutes later, Isio came running. “Mommy I went far in the water”. I smiled as he ran into my arms. Like an actor trained to switch emotions, the fire returned as my eyes met my husband’s. He had a knowing smile. “You know if I had told you, the boy wouldn’t have had this beautiful experience… Just as you made me promise that all I would ever do is relive the memories of the shark seasons I’ve experienced in the past”. He scooped Isio and walked to the beach house. #HappyFathersDay Steven. I don’t know that our children could have had a better daddy. We love ❤️ you.

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