Ubi Franklin Shuts Down the Rumour that He’s Responsible for TBoss’ Pregnancy

Ubi Franklin has addressed the rumours making rounds that he is responsible for TBoss’ pregnancy.

The music boss recently sat down with CoolFm’s Daddy Freeze to talk, among other things, about this unhealthy idea that men and women can’t work together without having a sexual relationship in between.

“I have never been with TBoss. I have never even been to her house,” he said while adding that the reality TV star often avoids mingling with him because she enjoys her own company and only shows up when they have a job to do.

It is worthy to note, though, that the rumour was fueled after Ubi Franklin news reports surfaced that his staff, Nicola Siyo, was pregnant with his child and Ubi sort of confirmed it in an Instagram post. Read it here.

And watch as he sets the records straight about TBoss:

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