Tyra Banks Faces Backlash After Old ANTM Videos Reveal Her Harshness

Tyra Banks is catching a lot of flak on Twitter after folks unearthed old videos from an episode of America’s Next Top Model, in which she body-shamed young black women.

In one of the clips, Banks tore down a black woman, mocked her gap-teeth, and told her she was not the kind of girl anyone wants to see on a magazine cover.

And that was not all; folks resurrected some of the harshest criticisms, bothering on the racist, that Banks her her panel of white judges perpetuated during the show.

See them below:

More videos are starting to resurface about Tyra Banks being an evil dictator on on ANTM throughout the show years. There was absolutely a specific type of regulation, silencing and policing that was directed towards Black women on the show, and dark skinned Black women in particular.

And here’s what model Slick Woods wrote about Tyra Banks on Instagram days ago:

Tyra Banks had yet to address all of these as at press time.

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