Tyra Banks Announces Plans to Open a Theme Park Called “Modelland”

Tyra Banks has announced plans to launch a theme park and entertainment experience called Modelland.

The supermodel and entrepreneur announced the news on Twitter this week, in a post in which she said the 21,000-square-foot site in Santa Monica, California, will be a place where “everyone can be a model.”

And in a statement shared with Today, she said the park is “a new world of storytelling and adventure in a grand, fantastical, physical place where all expressions of beauty are celebrated.”

The statement continued, saying that the park “invites all visitors to redefine what a model really is and for people to be the dream versions of themselves. Each will undertake a transformational journey to celebrate their unique beauty.”

Also, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in a “fantasy version of the modeling world” that includes interactive experiences, shopping, dining, and special events.”

And now, folks can’t wait for the launch.

See her tweet:

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