Two More Women Accuse R. Kelly of Sexual Misconduct

Two women have stepped forward to accuse R. Kelly of sexual misconduct.

The women, simply identified as Latrice and Rochelle, along with their lawyer, Gloria Allred, spoke during a press conference held yesterday.

They gave accounts of their experiences with Kelly; Latrice says she was 16 years old when she and Rochelle, then 15, saw R. Kelly perform at the Baltimore Arena (now Royal Farms Arena) in 1996, attended an after-party, were given drugs and alcohol, and then were taken to Kelly’s hotel room.

She added that one of Kelly’s handlers told the teenage girls to prepare to “pull up [their] dresses” before Kelly entered the room, and they complied.

“Mr. Kelly was wearing jeans and a white T-shirt. His penis was out and over top of his pants,” Latrice continued, adding that Kelly then allegedly asked them to participate in a threesome with him, a request that Rochelle denied. She then went to the bathroom.

Kelly then reportedly proceeded to have sexual intercourse with Latrice, “even though I did not have the capacity to consent,” she says. “When I met him, I was happy because I was young and starstruck. However, now that I’m an adult, I feel hurt by what he did to me, when I was only 16 years old and under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, which was given to me at that party.”

You can watch the clip from the press conference here via TMZ.

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