Twitter Used Cryptic Notifications to Spam Users’ Phones

Twitter is in the news again after it kicked off Tuesday by sending users incomprehensible text strings via push notification.

A wide range of Twitter users tweeted their notifications, which consisted of long strings of numbers and lowercase letters, followed by a colon and another number.

While it isn’t clear if it’s just a random burst of data, or something more impactful, tapping on the notifications simply opens your notifications tab.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey received a bunch of the notifications himself, and promised that Twitter is “on it.”

Minutes after tweeting that the company was “on it,” Dorsey reported that the issue “should be fixed now.”

“Working to understand why it happened,” Dorsey added.

It had better be fixed, cos the social media giant has enough troll problem as it is already.

Luckily for the company, users aren’t overly mad though, going by some of the reactions to the messages.

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