Twitter suffers major outage

Microblogging site Twitter has experienced a major outage, with users across the world affected.

In a statement confirming the glitch, the social media giant said it was caused by an “inadvertent change” it made to its internal systems.

People in countries including the US, UK and Africa were unable to use the platform for more than an hour, with many receiving error messages.

This error message popped up for many users around the world

The service was later largely restored, and the firm said the site should soon be working for all of its users.

According to, reports of problems with Twitter began to spike at about 21:30 GMT on Thursday.

It said users from around the world had reported being unable to use the platform. In Nigeria, this led to fears in certain quarters of a possible government intervention after the #EndSARS protest against police brutality sweeping through the country.

Users were sent error messages including “something went wrong” and “Tweet failed: There’s something wrong. Please try again later.”

Twitter said there was no evidence of a security breach or hack.


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